Our solutions are always tailored to our customers needs and to achieve an on-going compliance outcome.  Our shared long term goal is to establish a culture of compliance and best business practices to minimize compliance risks and maximize enterprise value while immediately protecting the sensitive and private information of patients and complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), HITECH, Meaningful Use, and Breach Notification Laws.

Whether you aspire to be self sufficient or want Sentry to be a continuous resource,  we can provide any level of service your business and budget require.   Our team of industry experts, combined with customizable software tools give us the flexibility to provide exactly what the doctor ordered!

Sentry Healthcare Informatics understands the current business environment and has a mindset to connect compliance and business risk management to best business practices that help improve customer profitability. Our “best business practices” mindset helps compliance and risk management become your company’s asset. Our value is unsurpassed and we are known for our cost competitiveness.  With the Spartan SaaS we offer affordable, scaleable solutions that provide tremendous value and return on investment each year.

Due to the intrinsically complex nature of healthcare compliance, the difficulty in coordinating compliance efforts across multiple departments and the anticipated NIST requirements of cyber-security that are rapidly becoming the defacto standard across all industries and businesses for IT Security we start all customer engagements with a dialog to ensure we thoroughly understand your requirements.

Sentry provides a mature, repeatable, complete, accurate and sustainable process.  We believe technology is needed to cost effectively achieve on-going compliance, reliable monitoring and efficient mitigation.  Software solutions, like Spartan, are a means to an end.

Sentry Healthcare Informatics provides a range of solutions combining products and services.