Continuous IT Security / Compliance


Monitoring is a key component of every IT Security and Regulatory Compliance program.

Technology is enabling elements of a comprehensive IT Security program that have regulatory compliance implications to be monitored on a real-time or automated basis.

This confluence of IT Security objectives with regulatory compliance requirements has led Sentry to develop the Spartan platform in a way that meets the Continuous IT Security Regulatory Compliance needs of healthcare
providers, plans, and business associates, as well as managed service providers and EMR/EHR companies.

Sentry’s Spartan Healthcare Compliance Platform features an API that allows it to exchange important information about IT Security and Regulatory Compliance status and events that eases the risk assessment process and facilitates more rapid and coordinated response to important events, such as breaches.

Spartan is more than risk assessment. It is the future of Continuous IT Security and Regulatory Compliance control.




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